The count down to Christmas coincides with the closing of our current location.

Our last day at 5 Skokie Valley Road, Lake Bluff, IL will be Friday December 21st. When you see the lights on after the holidays, it is just us packing up for the move.

I do not have a new home picked out yet, but the goal is to stay in the area. The opening of the new location is schedule for May/June of 2019 [unless I find something incredible before then.]

I hope you will come out and visit us before we close. We have some BEAUTIFUL Holiday gifts and some stunning pieces of furniture.

Why close after we put SO MUCH work into the building?

Well, the building issues are on going and the building is deteriorating from years of neglect. The roof still leaks. The owner tries to patch it, but the leak just moves to another part of the ceiling. The basement will continue to flood, and the flooding is causing the cinder block foundation to cave in. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

The building owner did not disclose many issues with the building. He has a tenant in the apartment above the store. There is only one electric meter for the building, so I pay his tenants electric...found out a year later after my electric bill more than doubled that the tenant did not have any type of heat upstairs, so he ran space heaters all day long and all winter long. When I tried to deduct his tenants electric from my rent, he went in to full gaslight mode. As much as I put my heart and soul into renovating this old roadhouse, there are too many things that are beyond my control.

It is time to to move on.

But it is not the end!

In fact, it is just the beginning of a new chapter.



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